Do i have spd ???

by liz


I am thirteen years old and I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is an actual problem or if it's nothing serious and I'm just overreacting.

When I was younger I had a serious problem with things that swung or dangled. It's gotten better now but sometimes I still have problems with this. I HATE swings at parks because they never stop swinging. I don't like wind chimes, CEILING FANS, or those punching bags that dangle from the ceiling.

I also don't like it when a lake is very wavy. It just annoys me to the point where I have to look away. That's why I hate motor boats because they cause so much disruption to a lake. I need lakes to be calm and still.

Also, another very minor thing is that sometimes I cannot stand loud, blaring music.

The thing is that these problems have never really made me self-conscious or have a learning problem. I do fine in school. No one even notices these things but my parents and myself. Other than that, I'm not affected by them socially.

So could I maybe have SPD??? Because so far I've been doing fine through life without a therapist or special help.

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Mar 23, 2009
a spectrum
by: Anonymous

Sensory issues are on a spectrum. When they significantly interfere with learning, play, work, and socializing, the person is often diagnosed with SPD or SI dysfunction. But anyone can have sensory issues to some degree.

My guess is that the waves on the water bother you because they're either visually overstimulating or they are difficult for you to visually process. It's great that this hasn't caused problems for you with reading!

--Nancy Peske

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