by Jordyn Cunningham
(Monument, Colorado, USA)

A few years ago my 'sensory problems' really began to get bad. Slowly they have gotten worse and worse. Now it is to the point where I can't stand the textures of pretty much all my clothes.

I have noticed that dry air, cold, water, and sweat make it worse. I am also sensitive to certain sounds. The volume doesn't seem to have an affect, but for example, my mom just got a brand new jacket and when it rubs on stuff, I cringe.

If I am making like gravy or something in a metal pot, I have to use a wooden spoon because I can't stand the noise of two metal objects scraping on each other. The main problem for me is textures, though.

The past week or so it has really been acting up. To the point where sometimes I just want to lock myself in my room. Having the constant annoyances and irritations around me are really starting to affect my mood, I'm increasingly irritable and get mad more easily.

I can't tell if I have SPD because a lot of the symptoms I do not posses. But some of them I have really really bad.

What do you think!!!!!!!!?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Aug 08, 2018
by: Eleonora

Hello Jordyn, not sure how long you posted this comment, but I suffer from the exact same symptoms! please reach out if you read this message.

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