Do I have SPD?

by Lynne
(Boston, MA)

My whole life I have been teased for my reactions to touching "dry" things but I never knew why I had that reaction. I would get chills if I touched a towel that was too "dry" and it’s even worse if it touches my nails. I also cannot let anything "dry" touch my mouth or teeth. Things that are dry are towels, cotton balls, knit gloves, and sweaters to name a few. My brother and sister would take a blanket or the upholstery and rub in on their teeth to upset me.

Also, if someone rubs their feet on a carpet or anything dry it bothers me so much. I cannot walk on a carpet with bare feet. I have to wear socks to bed or I can't sleep because the feeling of my feet touching the blankets makes me feel too uncomfortable. If someone lightly tickles or touches my skin I become so uncomfortable and it almost is painful.

The other day I was wearing a pair of knit gloves and then there was a spot on my pants so I tried to rub it off with my finger in the glove and the feeling of my finger rubbing the inside of my glove and the jeans bothered me so much I felt sick to my stomach for hours after. Just typing about it now makes me feel awful. I haven't been able to wear the gloves or any gloves since.
When I get this feeling I have the urge to lick my teeth to make them "wet" and try to keep my hands and feet in the air so they are not touching anything. I also will sit with my thumbs in my palm so make sure they don’t rub anything dry.

I can't eat apples because the texture of them scraping my front teeth makes me feel anxious. I cannot eat anything that is anywhere near soggy or has the chance of getting soggy. The thought of it makes me sick. I never ate cereal as a child and I always wondered why but I am thinking it’s all related. Also, I never ate ice cream as a child and I think it was the texture that bothered me.

I could go on and on about instances but I think you get the point and anyone who has these symptoms knows what I'm talking about.
Could I have SPD? Or maybe just exhibit some symptoms? I have also had anxiety and issues with disposing numbers and cannot listen to numbers and write them down or look at them and write them on another piece of paper without difficulty. What can I do to help this??

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