Do I have SPD?!?!

by YTR

Am currently 26 years old female but Since I have been young I remember not being able to wear dresses or short sleeves because I can't stand the feel of the fabric under my underarms. My mother just thought I was being difficult. If I was obligated to wear them I would pull and tug on them so hard that I would either damage or distort them in some form. I also liked when things feel tight on me. I also have issues at times with socks, bracelets, watches and sometimes my glasses usually lasting a few hours or days. I don't like people touching me sometimes and it's hard for me to show emotion sometimes because I want to give someone a hug or kiss but something always stops me. As I grew older I always just tried to deal with and my mother would always reprimand me when she saw me pulling my clothing.

Recently In the past year I don't know why but it has been getting worse. I am constantly pulling on my shirts and people are pointing it out to me and at times I don't even know I'm doing it. My mother recently started getting on my case about it and I don't know What to do I can be driving and if I can't get my shirt to Pull the sleeves I go into full panic having to pull over and take off anything blocking me from pulling on my shirt. My mother thinks I just have to get over it but I think it's something more.

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Nov 21, 2013
To answer your question: Yes!
by: William

Pull and tug classic symptom of SPD. I went thru the same thing, my parents put me on Ritalin and dismissed it as bad behavior, tossed me into resource classes and never tried to seek diagnosis, I grew up in the early 80's a time when you didn't seek out diagnosis of apparent neurological disorders out of fear of the results becoming public. Doctors didn't even see the children they prescribed drugs like Ritalin for. Parents asked and doctors gave them the medication. I wish we knew back then what we know know about early childhood neurological development and the disorders common in 1 in every 30 kids. If we did maybe i wouldn't have sensory limitations.

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