Do sensory symptoms get worst with age?

by Jacqueline

Can sensory Processing disorder symptoms normally get worst with age or could something else be causing the worsening symptoms?

I was force to self diagnosed via internet in 2009 because my symptoms was really bad and all of the doctors around where I live that saw me ether don't believe that sensory processing disorder exist or they say anxiety is causing the problem even after reading so many anxiety pages on the internet and not one single page describing any of my symptoms but all of the SPD pages does.

I am currently working with a O.T and just seen a P.T the other day for a evaluation. Even though my O.T has help me in certain parts of my SPD she's not helping me with my auditory sensitivity.I thought that my balance had improved but I realise the other day that it didn't but I was more in controlled so that I don't fall.

even though it's not as bad as it was in 2009 it's still a struggle everyday. When I was little is was more manageable and as I got older it's got worst and worst. Also as I got older my fear of heights got worst and I discovered that I think it was cause by my balance problems and lately it seem like I'm having more bad days with it.

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