My son has been diagnosed with SPD,& we do a group Occupational Therapy session once a week,OT swimming lessons (as he also has retained/primitive reflexes)& gymnastics with an OT.We have many activities we do at home,to help with his writing,hand eye co ordination etc..,& I am just wondering if we continue with this,will my son eventually 'grow out' of SPD,or is it something he'll always have?


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May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

my son has spd. we have spent $$$ and hours upon hours for ot and engaging/active outlets for him.

my understanding is that they don't ever 'out grow' spd, because they are neurological wired a bit differently. but what they do learn is coping strategies and effective ways of dealing with the things that trigger the individual issues.

Mar 17, 2011
Outgrowing Sensory Issues
by: C Pope

My son's SPD was much more severe when he was little. Clothes HAD to be soft - he wouldn't wear stiff jeans, all tags had to be clipped or removed with a seam ripper. Food was an issue too. He had a very limited self-imposed diet. He was very ungainly, still falling down several times a day clear into first grade. We worked very hard, very gently, over the past ten years to introduce new textures, tastes and smells. There are now only a couple of fabrics that he won't wear (but still prefers very soft items), and he has a very diverse diet. He is much more coordinated now too. He can ride a bike, swim, and canoe without issue.

The only problem sensory issues left are those with extremely bright light or fluorescent bar lighting, crowd or loud noises, and the smell of cigarette smoke. These give him migraines.

I think that whether a child with SPD will "outgrow" the condition (read: learn coping strategies), depends greatly on what coexisting conditions are involved. My son has Asperger's. His friend with Fragile X Syndrome has had no success with overcoming SPD issues yet.

Keep trying, never give up.

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