Do u think my 3.5yr old has this disorder?

by Aiman

My son shows the following characteristics that I think are slightly off:

- he watches his shows, listens to a particular song, wants a certain book read and does a certain puzzle repetitively. I'm talking music and TV 20 times back to back and still not bored
- If water spills on his shirt, he needs it changed
- Sometimes, if he asks me for something and i didn't quite understand him the first time, he gets into a CRAZY tantrum (usually when he's sleepy). this tantrum can last up to 40 mins
- He HATES to brush his teeth and just won't allow it to happen properly
- he sometimes picks up something he wants to ask me and asks me repetitively even though i have already answered him the first time
- right after a tantrum, he becomes a little angel, overly cooperative and polite
- he can talk in a monolog for up to 30 mins at a go
- he absolutely hates to pee and poop to the point of constipation. even though he pees on the pot, he simply wont graduate to pooping on the pot. once he finished pooping in the pamper he hates to get it cleaned. its some kind of mental block
- His taste in food is bland. except for junk food, he can eat the same food repetitively meal after meal. example: white rice. he begins by trying a new food

and will eat it for a while and suddenly not like its texture or taste. so then i need to blend it into the other flavors so he doesn't notice it. its almost impossible to get him to taste something new.
- socially, he finds it hard to share or to reason about sharing something that doesn't even belong to him. he snatches, hits, shouts, pushes if necessary to get what he wants
- tantrums at the drop of a hat especially when sleepy- but the tantrums are uncalled for, last very long and disproportionate to the unmet demand
- he is overly sensitive about being said "no" to. his feelings get hurt and he claims i shouted at him

on the other hand, these are the reasons i think he may not have the disorder:
- he has no issues with being dirty
- with sufficient incentive, he'll taste anything- he may not eat it as a meal
- he doesn't mind spicy, sour, hard snacks like wafers etc
- he eventually does get bored of the thing he was repeating and will never go back to it
- he is physically affectionate
- he finds a play balance with the one rare person he finds that suits his personality. he will negotiate and share with this child
- i get no complaints from his nursery
- he is advanced in his reading abilities


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