Do you have a PICKY EATER?

by Beth Howard

Lori Overland, MS, CCC-SLP, Feeding Expert, is coming to the Syracuse area next month!

“Hi Lori, I was the mom with the three autistic children in your audience in Sudbury. My 5 yr old son has not eaten anything but honeycomb and fish crackers for a year, with boost supplements. After your program I came home pretty excited and started sensory work...We played oral games, I did cheek stretches, I did tongue presses, he LET ME in, this a child that won't let you near his mouth. Well, the next day and this is NO word of a lie he tried the following: marble cheese mini chunks, Hershey swoops, Rice Krispies (dry). The next day he tried Craisins, Pringles, Fig Newton, cheese…NOW you were AMAZING. I wish I could have met you last year, I am forever grateful for attending your session - wish you lived closer!!!!” Trish Kitching, Parent


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