Does my 11yr old have SPD??

by Jamie

My 11yr old refuses to wear certain clothes. ie Denim, and pants with buttons on the pockets, shorts of any kind. Shirts are worse, no tags is #1. He also refuses to wear shirts with any kind of logo or writing that might be bumpy. He hates the seem in socks and has now resorted to wearing them inside out for the past 2 yrs. When we want him to wear something specific it is ALWAYS a fight.

He also hates textures of foods. Especially fruit. The only fruit I can get him to eat is apples and occasionally watermelon. He also hates the texture of paper and wooden pencils so will wear his sleeve over his hand when he does homework and has to use a mechanical pencil. Homework always takes him forever and he gets frustrated really easily.I don't want to put him on medication if I don't have to but junior high and high school is approaching and a am afraid these things might really affect him later on. Any advice?

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Mar 03, 2011
does my son have SPD??
by: yesnomaybe

I have just discovered this disorder. It explains so many things. Your son's reactions are so similar to my daughter's. She is 9 and wears everything oversized. Heaven for bid anything touches her, denim and long sleeves are evil. She takes a lower grade in PE, because I cannot find socks she will tolerate. Drawstring and elastic are a godsend. I am sorry for you and your son. Isn't it good to find they are not alone with their quirks. I am looking forward to getting help for her. I am just waiting to get an appt. with an OT. Good luck to you.

Feb 19, 2011
Go to:
by: Steve Faherty

Feb 17, 2011
Get help and forget the rest
by: paulette etcheberry

Get him tested and start from there read The Out-of-Sync Child and be patient my son is five and is taking a while for him to do cutting and fine motor skills stuff but it is totally worth it. You are on the right track just find an OT and you will see changes I promise you
best of luck

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