Does my 5 yr old have SPD?

by Rachel

Since my daughter was 2yrs getting her dressed has been a challenge. She was very picky on what she would wear, and around age 3 she began saying certain clothes were "too tight". I assumed it was a "terrible twos" thing and she would grow out of it, but she has gotten more frustrated and refuses to wear most of her wardrobe now. She picks clothing out at the store, tries it on and likes it, then has a melt down when she puts it on the next day. Now it seems like she would rather stay home in her pajamas then put on her clothes. Also over the past few weeks she has had melt downs over her car seat harness. No matter how much we adjust it its "too tight" and she freaks out. Could this be SPD? Do SPD symptoms increase with age? It seems as if the symptoms are multiplying and we aren't sure how to help her.

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Aug 05, 2017
clothing issues 5 year old - 2 pairs socks + UGG boots 24/7!
by: stacie

My son is experiencing much of what you describe just in a different direction !

He will only wear tight shirts , HAS to wear 2 pair of socks , pull them up as high as possible and wears those with UGG boots EVERYDAY even in 96 degree weather.... and wears girls tights the jean ones from Target lol . we have 9 pair.

HE WILL NOT TAKE HIS SOCKS OFF EXCEPT TO TAKE A BATH...only wears specific soft tee (w rotate 4 of them -it's a constant issue ...we have found he LOVES Hannah Anderson's organic cotton pajamas and let him wear those out (they don't really look like pjs they're striped but honestly i wouldn't even care what they looked like as long as we get out the door.

And wants his car seat TIGHTER MOMMY , and his swim shorts TIGHTER mommy -- i feel like he's going to suffocate!

He also has started putting a squished up amount of toilet paper into his undies after he pees (once his underwear got a wee bit wet after he went pee and since then he has to have the tissue in there--which is super random.

I feel ike he is missing out on so many activities due to his clothing and pool little toes just want to be free in the sunshine!

We have integrated massage and this helps but definitely need suggestions please!! thank you !

Aug 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

At the suggestion of someone who has a lot of experience with sensory disorders, and also an Occupational Therapist, we bought my daughter Under Armor (Champion has their own brand at Target, Starter has their own brand at WalMart, and so on).

She likes the feel of the silky shirts and doesn't mind them touching her skin-as there are no tags or uncomfortable seems and embellishments. She wears them under dresses (as she most often wears dresses-pants rub too much, she's too skinny for leggings, and FORGET trying to get her to wear jeans! Jeans can be a nightmare for someone with sensory issues).

It's been quite an interesting challenge for our family, as she is the biggest fashionista and loves clothing... just not the feel of most clothing! So, wearing Under Armor underneath her clothing has allowed us to skip most of the meltdowns over getting dressed in the morning!

Good luck to you!

Jul 07, 2013
my life exactly
by: Tiffany

Rachel, your letter sounds as if I wrote it. I can definitely relate! My daughter is only 3 1/2, but it started same way and is progressing the same way. Good luck to you! I'm going to look into IT! :-)

Jul 01, 2013
Symptoms of SPD
by: Vicky ( uk)

Hi Rachel , I can definitely relate to what you've been going through as our eldest daughter , now 9 starting showing dislike for certain clothes when she was about 3.First it was socks as she hated the feel of the seams inside the socks and like you I thought it was just a phase. Over the next few years her " fabric / seams issues" escalated , especially when she started school as she has to wear a uniform !

I only discovered this website by chance as I was googling seamless socks to see if any thing was available to buy , after a particularly bad morning of trying to get her ready for school.

Reading the checklist I felt sure my daughter was suffering with tactile defensiveness ( part of SPD)which was a great relief as I now knew it was nt just my kid being awkward!

I've been on at my doctors for the last year and a half for this condition to be recognized and have recently managed to see an OT who feels my daughter does have SPD and we're now waiting again to start some therapy .

Try and get to see an OT but in the mean time go for soft cotton clothing , turn socks inside out if you can't find any seamless ones. And when you find tops or leggings etc that your daughter likes buy a few so she can wear them as much as she likes.Good luck 😄

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