Does my child have SPD and what type of doctor should i take for too for diagnosis?

by Laura

Im not sure if my daughter has spd. She will be 5 in June and for about the past year has been exhibiting a possible sign of spd. While looking at books, pictures or toys she will rapidly wave her hands , cross her eyes and make noises. Other than being annoying I never saw this as a problem and just saw it as a form of pretend play. I finally taught her to close her eyes because I was concerned with the constant eye crossing.

She started head start this year and her teacher has brought her behavior up several times. She keeps asking if we have taken her to a doctor or if we are concerned with the strange behavior. She has commented that she has never seen another child do this.

I'm not sure what type of doctor to take her to for diagnosis. She does this at school when she is bored at lunch or to occupy herself during independent play. I've tried to correct the behavior by redirecting her attention to other activities and by asking her to pretend with words verses Hands and noises. After a day of this she kept trying to revert back to using her hands for pretend play. She seems to miss this type of play and I'm at a loss as to what to do. Between her teacher and my husband saying there is something wrong with her I'm starting to get concerned.

She doesn't seem to exhibit any other signs of spd other than this. She is where she is suppose to be developmentally for her age and even advanced in many areas. I've searched and searched for a diagnosis on my own, but spd seems to be the only thing that might fit. Can someone please advise me as to what type of doctor I should consult for diagnosis?

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Feb 19, 2012
Doesn't Seem Like SPD
by: Anonymous

I'm not an expert but have read quite a bit about SPD and have a daughter who has it. It doesn't seem to me that the issues you are describing fit an SPD diagnosis.

I would encourage you to research other possible answers. Best of luck to you!

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