Does My Child Have SPD?

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My name is Betty, My son is just 2yr olds his name is Ethan he is always on a motion he can't sit still and behavior problem such as biting us, run to us or on our feet with his tricycle and hitting us with his toys and he is always drooling, he very clumsy and he like bounce into the glass door and when I look over the checklist on the site alot of it apply to him. I want to know if he is having a SPD?

Please let me know because when I tell his teacher all they tell me is he is a typical 2yr olds and always think that everything is fine so I want to know from your expert experience so I know to deal with it..
Looking forward to your answer.

Thanks A Millions

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Feb 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Betty. I'm not an expert, but my son has SPD. It sounds like your son has some of the symptoms. My suggestion would be to contact your local Early On program (not sure what it's called in your state). A professional therapist can assess and suggest some interventions if needed. He may be a typical 2 year old but I know with me, we needed someone who could give us an objective opinion.

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