Does my daughter have a form of SPD?

by Amber

My oldest is 6 yrs old. At 3 months we noticed that she would roll her wrists, stare and hold her breath when looking at things that excited her. She was a normal baby. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the wrist rolling.

Now at 6, she continues to do this but we have noticed that she is constantly moving. She will sit for a story, movie etc. If she gets bored she will jump around and it seems the rolling gets a little out of control. There are times we or her teacher will try to get her attention and its like we're not even talking to her.

She hates socks, loves dress up. Hates her hair brushed (didn't have this issue as a toddler). Its a battle to do chores or get her to pick up a crayon she just dropped. She's extremely social, well spoken, reads, writes, very artistic, loves math and science.

She is aware of the rolling and will try to sit on her hands to stop it but then she just does a deep stare and holds her breath. Teachers have never said anything about it.

Its heartbreaking to see her go through this. Insurance wont cover help and we cant afford therapy or testing. Her dr is unconcerned because she is totally functioning. I just want a name for this rolling thing. Im at a loss.

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