Does my son has SPD?

by nancy

My 27 mos old son is a picky eater. He says words and 2 word phrases and most of the time his words are not the complete word like for cat he says ca, but he can say the word cookie perfectly. Does this mean he is speech delayed and has sensory problem?

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Apr 22, 2009
Picky eater and speech delay
by: Gigi

hi there,
I am not a doctor however my son was diagnosed a few months ago (when he was 18 mth) with SPD. From all the books that I have now read on the subject and the work with the OT and Speech Therapist, based on your comments, I would say that a purely picky eater does not equal SPD. However I would definitely get your son into speech therapy, it has done wonders for my son. Good luck

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