Does my son have SPD - please help!

My Son is 4 yrs old. The signs alert me:

1. He is afraid of swing particularly.
2. He does not like to play on the play structure on the playground. I have to slid down with him on the long and curvy slides.
3. He is also afraid of kids' loud scream. (the song: rock rock rock your boat ... if you see an alligator, do not forget to scream) all kids in the class enjoy to scream, he would run out of the room because he said he was scared.
4. He does not join other kids on the school playground as well.
5. He does not join the teacher and other kids at their class circle time.

We had him tested when he was 3 with a neurologist. The result was that he is fine.
He is the only child. So we do not know the normal or abnormal behavior. He expresses freely with us, he plays creatively at home. But his behavior outside home worries us.
Is this a kind of SPD?
thank you for your kindly attention

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Apr 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hang in there it certainly sounds like SPD. My daughter had very similar behavior she is auditory defensive she'd be fine at home and a complete mess at school. OT helped dramatically they work really hard on self taught techniques for soothing themselves in stressful situations.

I've found that teachers are even willing to bend the rules in class. My daughter was also diagnosed with Aspergers by a school Psych. But her pediatrician and OT rejected the diagnosis as I do. Do your research and trust your gut if he is diagnosed SPD it can to be an emotional roller coaster, trust he will be fine and the sooner he gets assistance the better the outcome.

Apr 09, 2009
Be your own advocate
by: Anonymous

You have to take your son to an OT for the sensory, most doctors deny that sensory issues even exist, my son has every one of them, and about a year ago was diagnosed with Aspergers.

Hes not the typical Aspie, more like ADHD, but more then 85% of kids with ADHD, are later diagnosed with Aspergers, and the symptoms and behaviors are hand in hand.

Fight for what you believe, you are your kids own advocate!!! I wont stop, even when I want to!!! Moms and dads speak up!!! Do not take no for an answer, the neurologist that we seen said hes never seen anything like my son and turned me away!!!!


maria from michigan

Mar 24, 2009
Recognizing SPD
by: Anonymous

As an OTA working primarily with sensory processing disorder diagnoses, it certainly sounds like he has many of the typical characteristics. The great news is SPD, treated, can have a VERY positive outcome. The approach I always use in therapy is subtle with a gradual increase in intensity. If he does not like to swing, having him bend over often to pick objects up from floor,or crawling. This provides movement against gravity without terrifying him. ANY type of movement requiring a change in head position works.

Giving him something to chew while he is playing will ease stress. (unless he is orally defensive). An OT/OTA specializing in SI can teach you how to play with him to integrate his senses. The sooner, the better!

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