Does SPD Get Better With Age And Occupational Therapy?

by MJ

Our 21 month old son was recently diagnosed with SPD. He's a crasher and jumper and has difficulty focusing on tasks until he's tired out. He's also yet to say a word. He's been in speech therapy 2 x per week for almost 3 months and his verbal noises are increasing. He just recently started occupational therapy 2x per week. Our concern is will he ever be "normal?" That is, will he be able to focus and school, talk, read, learn and live an independent and productive life as an adult? Is SPD associated with learning disabilities or is this something that will improve with OT and speech therapy?

All we hear is that each child is different. Can anyone provide any words of encouragement or success stories?

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Aug 27, 2011
There is Hope
by: Anonymous

My daughter got diagnosed at 4 and although it is mild it was a battle for a while, but she now wears underwear and clothes and lets me do her more ways than just down. She was in OT for a summer and the most important thing was that I insisted on going in with the OT and my daughter, I learned so much and now I am able to do the exercises at home when she takes a few steps back. Just be consistent and loving (which it seems like you are) The best thing is your son is young - the sooner you catch it and get help the easier it is for him to grow up "normal". My daughter still has her moments and this past summer I was a little lax and we took a few steps back, but with a sticker chart for 4 wks. she is better than ever again. All I can say is PATIENCE!!!!

My nephew also did not start speaking until he was around 2 - 2 1/2 --- with the help of speech therapy and OT ... he is now 3 1/2 and right on track with his speech and entering into pre-school this fall.

There is hope. Good Luck!!!!!!

Aug 26, 2011
by: Krista

Just saw your post and had to post! Yes, there's hope!! My son is now a few days from turning 5 and was diagnosed (officially, though I knew very early on something was different!)w/SPD when he was almost 2 yr. He has just started kindergarten and he's had a perfectly successful entire first week (yes, in a regular classroom). Its HARD being in the stage you're in believe me I know!! I feel for you and I remember asking my sons therapist all the same questions you're asking now.

Normal?? My son's intelligence is normal to above average (i know everyone thinks that but I have a degree in Child Development so I really do know that :) and truthfully he still has hard days - that is, trouble self regulating or just not responding to things appropriately and he is definitely 'quirky' in alot of his movements and expressions but he's an amazing boy! I feel therapy and lots of prayer has brought us SO very far and believe me there were days I was devastated thinking of the future while dealing with his symptoms ALL day. Hang in there! I would suggest looking for an OT who specializes in sensory if possible -

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