Does this sound like SPD?

My daughter is 5 and I have increasing concerns about her behavior. She has always been sensitive to touch (labels, scratchy fabrics, clothes that are too tight, doesn't tolerate wearing layers). She was not an easy baby at all. Never slept well and required lots of rocking/bouncing for long periods of time before she would sleep. Over the years she has had some very intense meltdowns and she still does, though I react to them differently now.

She has a very hard time with eating foods that have combined ingredients. She doesn't like strong flavors or anything even remotely spicy. Even black pepper is too much for her. Eating is often a struggle.

One of the other issues with eating is she can't seem to sit still through a meal. She is very easily distracted by sounds or other events,has to get up constantly, sits on the edge of her seat, folds her legs under her or even crouches on her chair. She sings, claps her hands, taps the table, hums. And we are constantly having to tell her to stop and use her hands and mouth for eating. She will sometimes spend over an hour at the table because it takes her forever to eat her whole meal. Sometimes she eats quickly and with no trouble at all. I don't know what causes the difference. It could be the same meal and sometimes she can do it and sometimes she can't. But we struggle

daily with eating. Especially since she started kindergarten this year and she needs to eat breakfast within a certain time limit. Its stressful for everyone involved.

Since she started school her irritability has increased. It has always been a problem but now it is a daily and day-long problem and I'm actually shocked when she has a good day. Its like she uses up all her ability to 'be good' at school and just falls apart when she comes home. I have noticed an increase in her singing and hand motions and jumping around. The one thing that makes her happy is painting and drawing or cutting paper snowflakes, when she comes home. She will do art stuff all afternoon. When she is done, she will watch tv for a while. Its like she needs that time to 'zone out'. When she watches tv she will often stretch out upsidedown, over the edge of the couch. And she will chew on her fingers or one of her little brother's plastic toys.

Other things I've noticed is how she behaves in stores. Trying to touch everything, or running back and forth, jumping, skipping. It happens every time.

She has fear of public restroom toilets flushing and those electric hand dryers because of the noise.

Running the vacuum causes her to run around and sing or yell.

There is more I could add but this is getting very long!

Anyone have an idea if this sounds like SPD?

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