"Don't let her say HI to me!!!" 4year-old SPD daughter with horrible fear of people talking to her

by Jane
(Glastonbury, CT )

Our four-year-old was diagnosed with SPD in February and began O.T. immediately. We've since moved states and are with a new O.T. (host of issues with moving, I know!) who helped us see our daughter doesn't have an issue with "objects" touching her, just people. My question is whether any of you have experienced this reaction to strangers - screaming when strangers try and talk to her - and if it's within the SPD spectrum. How have you dealt with it?

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Aug 03, 2009
"Don't let her say HI to me!!!"
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am dealing with the same thing with my seven year old son (will be eight in September). I talk to him and try to prepare him for when people talk to him.

For instance when we are in the store, and he wants to pay for whatever it is we are buying, I say to him that "you know the cashier will probably talk to you, are you sure you want to pay?". He still wants to pay, and he still cries when they start talking to him. He has tried to hold a conversation with strangers, but it hasn't been successful. He can say one or maybe two words back but after that he melts down. Also, he will ask me to respond for him when someone speaks to him or asks him a question. He even does this with me, and family members.

I have wondered about my son if he could be also dealing with auditory processing, and maybe that could be the reason he cannot hold a long conversation with anyone. He covers his ears and says "no more talking, too many words".

I've gotten to the point where I get anxious when we go out, and I sense someone is going to start talking to him, because he always melts down, and people are always apologizing for making him cry. Also, it's really hard to explain to them what he is dealing with, especially now that he is older. I sometimes find myself praying that no one says anything to him (even though I know this is not a good way to be thinking) just so he can have a day out without any meltdowns. The funny thing is when he was younger (one and two years old), he was very friendly to strangers. Actually walking up to them and touching them not talking, (has speech delay) but interacting with them.

I'm going to look into having him tested for auditory processing to see if this could be the reason. Thank you for writing this post, I thought my son was the only one struggling with this problem. Stay Positive

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