Don't worry!

I didn't eat solid food until I was 18 years old. I lived on baby rusks and pureed Sunday dinner and survived. I'm 38 now and I love food. It worried my parents and they tried everything to help, which stressed them out even more. I have Apergers but was only diagnosed as an adult.

My advice is to take the pressure off and the child will eventually explore and experiment with food by themselves and probably find they quite like it. The weaning process takes far longer than with a 'normal' child but they won't starve. Children can thrive on what seems a very restricted diet. They're not doing it to annoy you but the more it does the harder it is for them to try anything new so just relax and go with the flow.

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Sep 07, 2009
Thank You For the Hope
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your story its great to hear from adults who know exactly what our children are going through when they are at such a young age and cannot tell us what is going on in their lil worlds. I cry and pray everyday for my 3yr old grandson who has mild SPD and Im leaning towards aspergers but there are so many good days with him its so hard for us to figure out.

His main thing is with food he has a limited diet of 3-4 items and potty training is a nightmare he pees outside ONLY and flat out refuses to poo in potty he asks for a pull-up, he was in therapy but now that he is 3 that has ended my daughter is on a limited income and receives medical assistance from the state my husband an I support him with all his other needs and we have checked into therapy programs and it is sooo expensive, any advice would be greatly appreciated, again thanks for the bit of hope for his future, our grandson means the world to us he is our greatest gift and so much joy to our lives.

Sep 03, 2009
Thank you!!!
by: kim

I think i just realized that with my 5 year old who has aspergers.
I just took him out of the feeding clinic, as i realized it would be on his terms, no matter what.You're right, hes not starving.
Thanks for the in put, i feel ALOT better with my decision now!

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