DPPT-Can parents perform the therapy at home

by Donna Bishop
(Osceola, AR)


I recently attended an autism conference. I was introduced to the Wilbarger's Protocal. My question is since this is an intensive procedure to overcome the sensory defensiveness every two hours, are parents trained to perform the deep pressure "brushing" at home?

This sounds like a great treatment for my 5-year-old son with autism. He has numerous sensory defensiveness qualities. I approached his OT with this request and she stated she would contact.

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Mar 07, 2012
Reply to whether parents can perform at home?
by: J's Mom

I am a parent and my daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and NLD. I still perform Wilbarger brushing protocol at home 2xday after being "trained" by my daughter's occupational therapist. It is really pretty simple once you are shown how to do it. We started when she was diagnosed at 8 years old and I have been doing this for years.

It has been wonderful. It helps calm down my daughtger to sleep at night and helps keep her focused during the day (I can tell when she isn't "brushed" because she becomes much more agitated).

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