Drama Queen Syndrome Diet

by Shellie

My daughter who has SPD has always been called a Drama Queen by others. She is over emotional about every aspect of life. At times she can spend hours trying to get something to look or feel right. If she get something on her she freaks out. When she started school I found myself going every other day to deal with some issue she was experiencing.

One I remember well was when she spilled just a little water on her shirt from the water fountain. She will rub it excessively and whine and cry trying to get it dry. She will say, " Everyone is going to make fun of me for this." It is a waist of time to try and convince her otherwise.

Her teacher called me and said she was in a panic over her cloths being dirty. To solve this problem, I sent two or three different outfits for her to change if she needed to do so. Since her shoe strings being tied perfectly is also an issue, we went to velcro shoes or flats. It is all about finding what works, and reduces stress for both you and your child. Someday she will be a great asset to a job that requires precision and neatness. We each have our gift and my childs is SPD.

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