Drinks ANYTHING and only eats pretzels

by jessica
(new york)

My 2 year old son will drink anything I put into his bottle or cup but he will not eat... the only thing he has consistently eaten are pretzels... I'm just learning about SI and some of it sounds just like him. I've been saying forever to people how weird it is that he will only eat certain textures, mostly dry foods, and I thought that his absolutely insane behavior at the barber was normal. He also goes nuts when we try to cut his nails and he loses his mind when I leave a room... he has his own little language but really doesn't talk...Any thoughts?

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Feb 27, 2011
My son eats only pretzels too!
by: dreamer

My 3 year old son has autism and only eats pretzels. He runs from all other foods. He throws a tantrum if we give him anything else to drink besides chocolate milk. I am starting to get worried. He his very thick and looks like a 5 year old but pretzels and chocolate milk cannot be healthy for him.

Jan 09, 2010
by: worriedmom

hi my son is 5 and he only drinks milk and may have some cereal if he is in a good mood crackers are a sometimes. He ate for a few months and since he turned one he has been drinking milk only. It has been a battle and i have tried everything. docs find nothing wrong with him so i am going out off my mind

i really hope this site helps me

Oct 06, 2009
I would like an update on this child
by: Ann

I am wondering how this child is doing today with his eating habits and if things have changed? I am an OT who works with children and I am very interested to know what kinds of things have worked for this child to increase his eating repertoire? What strategies worked?
Thank you.

Jul 27, 2009
His own lil language
by: Terri S

Wow I have been searching for anyone with a child like my grandson and his own lil language ive often thought it was his way of trying to learn to talk and he is now 3 and talks perfect and appropriate for his age but at about age 2 he began this babbling garble as if only he knew what he was saying and soon after that he was diagnosed with mild oral SPD he eats nothing but sausage and chips and apples and tons of cookies if we allow. Please seek out O.T and S.T his own lil language will start to fade and become less and less everyday. Good luck and stay strong

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