"Dry Feel"

by Melanie

How do you desensitize "Dry Feel"?

I wrote to you earlier asking about this! I am a Behavior Analyst working with him. How can I find him an OT who specializes in Sensory Integration in Fairfield Ohio? Thank you so much for your input and quick response.

The SPD Help Line Responds...

Hi Melanie,

I assume you are clarifying your role with this individual based on my earlier response to your question you posted on the Help Line? Normally, after I answer a submission you should receive a letter telling you I have responded and where to find it... did you?

Just so you know for future reference, or for others to know who are reading this... if you want to respond to any answer I give, just click on your submission (or any submission) on the Help Line page and submit your comments, additional info or questions to that particular topic in the box below it, on that very page. This will keep things in the same place.

OK, so... Did you see the answer I wrote? If you go to the Help Line Submission page you will see your question and my response to your original submission. The main page to find your submission on is:
The SPD Help Line... (Renamed) "Can't Stand The Feeling Of Paper While Writing" (Or Dry Materials).

If you click on your submission you will find the answer. The direct link is:

The answer talked about needing desensitizing therapy for tactile defensiveness. This would be done through an Occupational Therapist. He would need to be evaluated first, then the therapist, if determined it was related to tactile defensivenss, would set up a program such as

The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol. Again, if you go to the main help line submission page (linked to above) you will see another submission regarding this protocol that may give you more information. Also, check out my site map or site search to find more about it.

So... you need an OT for this in Ohio? Please read my first edition of my newsletter called, Finding An Occupational Therapist For SPD, which will tell you what type of OT you are looking for and links to an International database of OT's who specialize in this. Just pick your state on that page it links to and you will have several names right at your fingertips.

I could bring you right to the database, but I feel reading that newsletter will be important so you know what exactly you are needing and looking for. Does that make sense? About 2/3 of the way through the newsletter, you will be looking for a link that brings you to www.wpspublish.com's database of SIPT certified OT's. Let me know if you can not find what you are looking for, or if you DO, ok?

I hope this helps! He will need some good OT and brushing therapy (The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol or The Burpee Method of Buzzing And Brushing) to address the underlying problem by the sounds of it. Not a quick fix, but a necessary one. Getting the evaluation set up and done may be the hardest part.

Does this help? Are we getting somewhere? Feel free to comment or update us below (on this page, since this is where we left off together).

Thanks for reaching out for answers and helping this young man! How wonderful!!

Take care.
Michele Mitchell

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