Dry Fingers/Hands on Fabric!!!

When my fingers become really dry and rough from the weather or especially after a shower, I can't stand to touch and put any clothes on until I put lotion on them.

Any fabric that feels like it's clinging to the tips of my fingers I don't like, I just don't want to feel that sensation on my fingertips. This is why I stay away from touching silk, dry fingers on silk makes that sensation worse!

Is this some form of SPD or just me not liking dry hands on certain things? Anyone else experience this too?

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May 02, 2024
Why does this happen tho😞??
by: Anonymous

As long as I can remember I’ve always dealt with this problem as well. When I have dry hands especially after a shower my hands feel soft and dry and I need to wet them or put lotion because touching my blanket or clothes makes my fingers feel weird

Dec 17, 2022
Dry fingers and fabric
by: Sue

I also cannot stand when the skin on my fingers and feet are dry (especially after a shower). Touching certain fabrics makes my skin crawl and my head hurt and I have to get some lotion to give it a "drink." It almost feels as if my skin were thirsty (parched!). There is one fabric I cannot touch at all but I don’t know what it’s called—it’s some sort of dusting cloth. Wool is up there also as a "don’t touch or wear me" fabric!

Dec 16, 2022
opposite experience
by: Suzie

Interesting, I have the exact opposite experience, when my hands and fingertips are dry I love running them across fabric that will catch. Anyone know why that is?

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