Dry Fluffy Cloth or Tissue or Paper Towels

by Tony

I have no idea how long I have had this, but I cannot stand the feeling of fluffy toilet tissue on my dry hands or fingers, and it’s the same with fluffy towels or fluffy paper towels. The thinner toilet tissue and paper towels, the cheaper brands, are better...but tissue like Charmin especially...I can’t handle it. I cringe.

If my fingers are especially dry, it’s worse, worse, worse. I will often purposely dampen my hands before handling any of this material...because then it’s okay. Just the thought of biting down on these materials makes my skin crawl...and also the thought of the cloth rubbing my fingernails. Ugh.

I can’t take the thought of rubbing a cotton ball or swab on my fingernails, either (and why do I even imagine it??). My teeth will clench if I think about any of this...and I only buy Scott tissue, because that isn’t as bad. And wet cloth doesn’t bother me at all. It’s dry cloth.

I don’t like dry shag carpet, either. I won’t touch it. What is this and what causes it?? I wish it would go away, because I actually stress over it, because the thoughts won’t get out of my head. I’ll think of it at the most inconvenient times, like intruding thoughts.

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