Dryness Crazy- I need help!

by Jade

Anything dry makes me cringe. I used to make fun of a friend who had this in 6th grade... but then in 7th i noticed i started to developing this same thing.

then in 8th grade it was pretty bad and My mom started making fun of me when she noticed it, she would crease paper or rub her fingers on a dry surface and it drives me crazy. Ill clench my teeth and if it happens mid sentence and can't continue talking.

For example, i work in a restaurant and if i have to go in the freezer i will, but one time my superior was talking to me and when i touched a cardboard box, with dry hands i couldn't continue talking. i had to back off and clench my fist and let out a sigh of exasperation.

Also the sound of GRINDING TEETH makes me ABSOLUTELY crazy!!!! I can't handle it. it makes my want to punch someone. Recently i have been looking into it, recently as in the past 50 minutes, the only thing i came across was xenophobia, which is close.. but i don't think its my case because I'm not afraid of going to dry places, such as a dessert... i just hate touching things... like paper.

Another thing i came across was OCD, which i do have. I hate things being messy or crooked, but the dryness.. i think this is something different. I really just want to put a label on it. i wish i knew what it was called.

One other thing i saw was a syndrome of down syndrome? Ive never had any kind of learning issues though, in fact I'm superior in school. But you never know.

Can someone provide me with answers? Or even a label for this? Thanks- A weird child.

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