by Dulcinea
(Forest Park, GA)

Hi, I'm 52 and was self diagnosed with Asperger's

Syndrome about 5 years ago. After reading about SPD I think this may explain my extreme sensitivity to lights. It is so severe that I can't drive at night. I have been this way as long as I can remember. My family kept telling me that once I grew up and started driving that I would "adjust" to the lights. Driving at night especially is sooooo painful. It feels like the car lights are stabbing my eyes and it takes tremendous concentration for me to stay focused on where my car is on the road. It leaves me with flashes of disorientation. Its not only the car lights but even the street lights bother me.

There are just too many things to focus on. I have to have absolute silence. My sense of direction seems to fly out the window at night. I become very anxious, almost in a panic attack. I don't drive on the freeway either, because there are just too many things to focus on at once. Thank you for this article, it validates me, giving a scientific explanation. It really helps me not to feel bad or condemned about ME!

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Jul 21, 2013
more bright lights blues
by: Shae

For those made miserable by headlights, street lights, all lights encountered while driving at night, I discovered night driving glasses with yellow lenses that take care of this problem very well. Also usethem if out walking at night to block headlights of oncoming cars. I cannot have the radio on or talk with anyone while focusing on driving at night, any excess noise interferes with filtering out visual distractions. I am toast if attempting to merge with traffic on entrance ramps to the freeway, with lights of oncoming traffic in my eyes, the glasses are a must! Sinsere thanks to all who are sharing these experiences, there is a good possibility I may not be from another galaxy, after all.

Oct 23, 2012
Treatment Options ?
by: Connie

Dulcinea, Have you considered getting professional help? Maybe some kind of therapy could help you. You stated you self diagnosed (and I am not questioning that because I feel like I diagnosed my son who has SPD when nobody else could give me any answers.. ) But, maybe there is something that can help you, even if it just takes the edge off.. Whether it be medication for the anxiety, occupational therapy for the light sensitivity, etc..Good luck to you. I hope you can find a way to ease some of these challenges.

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