E. S., RN

by Elena

My daughter and I were diagnosed with Asperger. I definitely believe that we both have Sensory Processing issues. I am looking really hard into treatment for it. I would not have the time to post all the problems related to this...it is a long sad story/stories. I hope that is never too late to get treatment, because any kind of improvement would be wonderful, it might be what makes people with ASD so isolated, because the sensory overload and sensory processing difficulties resemble something that I would describe as storm/swimming in mud/gasping for air/being stung by a hundred bees in the same time/heart racing etc. I could go on and on.

It would also help if people in general would be more civilized and used more even tones when talking, not be aggressive, use their time at work for work and not for senseless gossip...I can keep going with this...but very few people could understand. Thank you for trying to understand.

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