Eating Habits/Getting a Diagnosis

by Deirdre
(Oakland, Ca. U.S.)

Hi: I am the parent of a 6 year-old boy who I believe has SPD. He was a 34 week preemie, and was delivered by emergency c-section. I know that children with SPD are picky eaters, and that it has to do with texture but my son will eat (if I let him), lotion, vaseline, deodorant, and bug repellent etc.

Why isn't he able to recognize that these things don't taste good? No one has been able to tell me why he enjoys eating these things. Also, the other concern I have is that he was diagnosed with an impaction (encopresis)in July 2007, and has been taking a laxative ever since. I know the impaction is due to his diet of dairy which seems to be the only thing he really likes.

He won't eat any type of vegetable, or fruit. I've tried hiding vegetables in food, but he always finds them and questions it (he looks at and smells everything it seems like for ever, before he eats it.

Do you have any suggestions on diet for SPD children, because I feel that even though he is taking the laxative for the impaction, as long as his diet is mainly dairy, the problem will always be there.

Another concern I have is getting a diagnosis. My son is in kindergarten, and I've been homeschooling him through the school district. My school district has told me that they do not recognize SPD, and I was told that they would not test him for SPD, but for academics. I'm already aware that my son has no problems academically, he is very smart.

I feel that if I put my son in a regular class (which is what the school district wants me to do) it wouldn't be fair to him, the teacher, or the other children and if I put him in a Special Education Class (which is another alternative the school district is giving me, it won't be challenging enough for him. I want my son to be around other children his age, but I also want his needs met.I don't want him to have to struggle.

What do I do when the school district doesn't recognize SPD?

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Jun 08, 2008
Eating Habits
by: Anonymous

I put my son on the Feingold diet because I thought he had only ADHD but it turns out he also has sensory issues. This diet takes out all artificial colors, artificial flavors, aspartame and preservatives. Truly this has been the best thing ever for him and our whole family. This diet has helped him calm down and better focus at school. My son actually told me he feels better- and he is only 6!

The whole family went on this special diet to support him and do you know, my son and my daughter's attitude and behavior changed for the better, I lost 40 lbs without doing anything different and my husband said he can think more clearly. I guess it just goes to show you how much food affects our mind and body.

If interested, the website is to find out more information.

Great job to you for all of your hard work. You are the best advocate for your child.

May 12, 2008
by: Jessi

My school district does not recognize SPD for academic purposes either. I understand how unfair it seems because it's ridiculous to think SPD won't interfere with the learning process.

Fortunately for my son (in a weird way) we have managed to get him help through the school system because he's had significant difficulties with speech/language. But, if I were you - I would go to either a developmental pediatrician (who will then probably refer you to an occupational therapist) or straight to an occupational therapist to get the diagnosis and start therapy, several times a week at first if you can swing it.

You can maybe look online for reviews of the best place to go in your area. If I were you, I would home school him until the therapy has improved his behavior to the point you feel comfortable in his ability to handle a regular classroom. I'm not financially able to home school my son, but if I were and I were in your position, that's probably what I would do. Therapy works wonders! My son changed completely in about 3 months. I can't say that he doesn't face any challenges in the classroom setting - he's finishing preschool and will go to Pre-K next year - but I've received many grateful comments from his teachers and the owners of the preschool about his improved behavior.

Give it a try - I have a feeling you will be amazed by the results! Feel free to email me if you want to at Good luck!

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