by Robin Broadway
(Portland, Tn.)

I cannot get my 18 month old to eat or drink. What is actually going on and what can I do? When asked or presented with food I get an immediate NO! I am so worried about her nutrition!! She is obviously losing weight.

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Dec 01, 2008
Eating Problems
by: Carrie

I have had the same problem with my daughter since she was 8 months old-now 27 months. I put whole milk powder with a jar of Gerber entree and a jar of Gerber fruit-mix it all together and we sit with her favorite DVD and toys until she eats the whole bowl-we do this for lunch and dinner and I have been able to keep her at average weight with all nutrition taken care of.

Hang in there, it is HARD, but at least there is no feeding tube! She now eats without fuss and with no DVD-we are making progress you can too!

Get your child into a feeding program through early intervention and occupational therapy can help with feeding as well-this is key! Don't give up, your child will be persistent!

Mine has severe SPD, if you haven't gotten a diagnosis, don't wait-the earlier the better to start treating! Please let me know if you need any other

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