by Christina Siordia
(Hemet Ca.)

My daughter is in 2nd grade and has an I.E.P but it doesn't seem to be helping her. I'm so worried. She keeps falling more and more behind. She is a very smart girl,but it take her so long to process thing. Any ideas that might help would be great!

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Apr 07, 2010
by: Heather, Calif

There is a Huge connection between mind and body. That's why O.T. is so effective. When my daughter went to O.T. in second grade we worked on exercises that helped build pathways in her brain to help info. move from left/right hemisphere more efficiently. School Special Education teachers can only do so much. It is really important to understand just what your daughter's processing issues are. Is it visual? Is it that she doesn't recognize letters/numbers as she should?

Once you get her diagnosed you can find out where you need to focus on how to help her. My daughter was diagnosed with auditory problems but also could not see the difference in letter and numbers that had circles and lines together such as; b,d,9,p, even o,and r words. So this would slow her down so much when reading. She still has to think about b's and d's when she's writing still confusing them and she's 13. My daughter does take longer to process but I have to remember that this is not a reflection of her intelligence. She works at grade level, but the fact is she just needs more time to complete her work. It's important to make her feel o.k. about something she has no control over. I tell my daughter that yes it takes her longer but her answers are just as "right" as everyone elses, and that's what is important.

Mar 31, 2010
slow processing
by: Anonymous

try to find something that your student learns well - such as singing a song or doing dance moves. The slow processing is what two of my 4 children deal with- I have to relate what I teach (I home school) to what my oldest already knows. If she knows how to congegate AR verbs in present tense in spanish but is struggling with ER verbs- I make a chart so she can see the similarities- for my son- I have to explain things multiple times and sometimes stop that topic and then come back to it in two days. Sometimes what we see is slow processing is actually the child filing the information into long term memory as the short term memory doesnt work as well.

If the IEP is not working for the student it is time to revisit the IEP and talk to the sp. ed teacher and the GE teacher and each of the therapist- to find out what they are doing that is not carrying over. Do they (the IEP team) feel the same way- It is possible for our students who are sloow to processing information, to succeed. My oldest daughter, was non verbal at 3yrs old and now she is at Grade level with her subjects- she has an IEP for some things- but she is further than any of her teachers ever thought she would be.

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