Elaine Lerman, M.Ed

by Elaine Lerman
(Malden, MA)

I first learned about proprioceptive dysfunction during my Master's program in Special Education. We had to read "The Out-of-Sync Child". I learned how to create ways for my students to work on adapting and/or overcoming some of their dysfunctions. But the book was also an eye-opener for me.

I learned that I have Proprioceptive Dysfunction. I was a kid who couldn't learn to ride a bike or swim. I had trouble feeling where I was in space. I couldn't stand clothes too tight and disliked tags on my clothes. My posture was off and I would tire easily.

Although I have adapted to some of my dysfunctions, I still have trouble with many others - in fact as I age, they are getting worse or are "coming back".I did not have the benefit as a child of knowing what to do about them and neither did my parents. So now, though I have learned that this is a neurological problem, how do I convince neurologists that I have Proproceptive Dysfunction? I have tried physical and occupational therapies to help with some areas, but I am worried that the vestibular difficulties and postural instability that is affecting my walking and which have led to injuries from falling, are not being addressed and therefore will get worse without intervention. Any ideas? Thanks for reading my story.

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