Elizabeth Edwards LEK, CBP

by Elizabeth Edwards
(Inland Empire, ca)

I was in a Gymboree class with my own daughter years ago and another child, a little boy was having a very difficult time participating in class. He was constantly running around during circle time, running into the other children and the equipment. His mom looked exhausted. One week as he was running off again, his mom signaled me to "catch him" and redirect him back to her. Since she had given me permission and I suspected he may need some deep pressure activities. I caught him and gave him a great big rolling bear hug. He hugged me again just a minute later and again and again.

Over the next few weeks during our circle time he would come over for a hug and then go back to his mom where he happily participated. Turns out his mom mentioned to her husband what was happening and dad started to wrestle with him more at home giving him lots of pressure on his body. Gradually we all noticed a huge improvement in his motor skills and balance, falling less etc. I was so happy.

It's amazing what a hug can do!!

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