Embarassed by needing it but realize its effectiveness

by Walter
(Gale Ferry, CT)

Quickly; i just turned 46 years old and i have realized for the past 5 years that having weight on top of me, to the sides of me allow me to sleep much better. having said i realize it, i've been constantly trying to disprove ti and make myself think i can sleep fine without it. my wife teases me that i sleep like a mummy (read it verbatim above in your site) and when i have a few down pillows on top of me and my body pillows on either side of me i normally sleep pretty good.

Last night our golden retriever layed directly on my legs in the middle of the night. i woke up at 7:30 (which is late for me) didnt hear my wife or kids get up and most important, i had greatest dreams and felt completely refreshed. its amazing! this is why i even looked up weighted blankets today. it really does feel like a miracle. i feel great, thanks Bruin! (my dog) for laying there. i hope to get a weighted blanket real soon. i wonder if my children would benefit from it? wish i would have come to this conclusion long ago.


Ps, is there medical studies i can read? why did i have to figure this out myself? and ive been to the doctors allot over the past year.

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