Emma's SPD

by Kiley

My daughter Emma is 11 and may have SPD. This is what she goes through everyday,

1.Won't wear turtlenecks and hates wearing jeans

2.Cries if her daily schedule is changed.

3.Is a very picky eater.

4.Can't stand loud noises

5.Hates crowded places

6.Doesn't like being with large groups of kids

7.Couldn't tie shoe until age 10

8.Screams at parents or siblings if they just talk a little louder than usual

9.Is almost always cracking her knuckles.

10.Still sucks her thumb.

11.Hates sports.

12.Can't stand being bullied.

13.Still throws tantrums.

14.Gets upset when others are upset.

15.Has to have her way to be happy.

16.Always has to touch things.

17.Can't sit still.

18.Wouldn't go down a slide until age 5.

19.Gets at least 1 headache a day.

20.Hates to be touched

This is just some things that she goes through

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Dec 23, 2010
This is a little like me..
by: Hannah

Hi, Im hannah.. Im 10 years old and some of these things i do.

I sometimes cry when other children cry. I cant wear jeans and i still sometimes throw tantrums. It is very hard and frustrating and sometimes a bit embarrassing.

I dont know if i have SPD yet. It's still being worked out. Ive been the doctors 3 times now and they said they think ive probably got SPD.. Sometimes you feel like your the only person like this. But when you read these sights you suddenly find someone exactly like you.. And its awesome!

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