Epsom salt baths vs. Magnesium supplements

by Char

This might be a really ignorant question, but is there a benefit of doing epsom salt baths versus giving a magnesium supplement (like Kid/Natural Calm)?

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Apr 05, 2008
Epsom salt baths by Char {MN}
by: Joy

I really do not know the answer to this question, but I do know that if that is something you are seriously thinking of doing please take into consideration that Epsom salt baths loosen my children's bowels, acting as a laxitive. So please watch for this with your child/children if you do this to make sure it dosen't cause too much dehydration and other side effects besides having diarrhea. My son is 5 years old and I use the infant calming bath for him and it really relaxes him for bed. He is ADHD combined type and takes very strong meds to make his day functional for him so maybe you could try it instead for calming him/her in a bath.

Michele Mitchell responds

Good thoughts/suggestions, but I also want to add, if he gets diarrhea from the Epsom Salts bath, the reason may be the amount of salts you are using. So, also, keep that in mind... start with small amounts and gradually build it up over time... if it gets to the loose stools point, back off on the amount, that is too much.

But, Joy, glad you pointed this out and glad you have found something else that works for your son!

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