Excuse me, i'm Hannah Montana

by Heather

So my 2 yr old spd daughter and I were in a store one day when she found a shirt she wanted sooo bad, it had her favorite colors and guitars. It didn't even have tags in it *PERFECT*.We bought it and she declared she was going to wear it the next day to therapy.

The next morning comes and she has me put it on her. She gets up and start dancing around saying "I'm Hannah Montana". Oh great, this should be interesting. We get to therapy with her sun glasses on (since she has issues with all light), her hair pulled up in 4 rubberbands and matching clips(everything has to be even numbers and matching, part of her OCD), her new shirt, jeans and her favorite shoes. She looks hot to trot and she knows it. The receptionist says "Wow Lauren, aren't you cool?!?!" Lauren just looks at her.

Her therapist comes out and I explain to her that she just got this new shirt and she believes she is Hannah Montana. Her therapist smiles and said ok. They get in the back for therapy and there are other kids back there. Lauren doesn't really "like" other kids and tries to stay as far away as possible. She takes one look at them and says "I'm Hannah Montana, don't talk to me." Her therapist is impressed that she even said a word to them, but also cracking up from her attitude. Any time they, the therapist and Lauren, were going to start something that Lauren didn't like she just refused and would say "I'm Hannah Montana and I don't have to"

After the session they come back out and Lauren is strutting her stuff with her hands on her hips. Her therapist is smiling from ear to ear and tells me all about how Hannah made an appearance and that even though Hannah was really cute and how she loves Hannah, she thinks Hannah should stay at home.

The next day when we went to therapy her therapist asked me how Lauren did the rest of the day. Lauren popped up and said "That wasn't me, that was Hannah Montana. I was at home sleeping"!!

That was a few months ago and she still talks about when Hannah came to therapy. The shirt though, got "lost" in the washer.

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