Exercises for low registry?

by Jennifer

I have filled out a questionnaire and it was scored by my daughter's OT. He said that it shows I am on the low end of the registry for sensory input. I am not picking up on stimuli the way most people do and I am passive about it so I do not do things to get it. But it also shows that I am more aggressive about things I dont like, I do more to avoid them.

He suggested exercise to increase stimulation. I asked about bike riding and he didn't seem to think it would be helpful, but suggested something like weight training.

So what other exercises would be good, and how do I tell if they would be helpful or not?

Would it be helpful to do an at home yoga or pilates videos?

He is going to break things down further for me, score my daughter's questionnaire and get back to me.

The SPD Help Linw Answers

Hmmm... sounds like you need more information, huh? The best place to get it will be from the OT who is working with you. It took me so long to get to this submission (sorry!), that he may have helped you resolve this/answer this already.

But, what I want to let you know is that he is probably thinking your body needs some good proprioceptive and heavy input to give your body the signals it is not registering. So, anything that gives some strong input to your muscles and joints would be good. The yoga, bike riding, and pilates may not be enough.

Better activities may be things like swimming (heavy, deep pressure input to the whole body), aerobics, weight lifting, jumping rope, walking/running, kick boxing, etc. Anything that is more "jarring" to your joints and muscles; joint compressions. You may also want to consider stimulating your senses in general with strong scented candles, sweet/sour candies and gum, brighter lights, anything to "wake your body up". It's not that riding a bike wouldn't help, it is just that there may be some that are better.

I hope your daughter's OT can give you some more ideas, as he knows you best. Perhaps other visitors here have some good ideas as well... Let Jennifer know in the comments section below.

Also, I would read the following for more information:

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See if this information is helpful. I look forward to anyone else's input.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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