Exhausted - Lucky, don't want to give up

by Bobby

I was lucky if you want to call it that. I had a friend that had a son that had been diagnosed with SID. We spent a lot of time together with our preschoolers. She noticed things in my youngest son that reminded her of her son at an earlier age. By the time my youngest was 2 I had him in speech therapy and OT. We are still working on fine and gross motor but from a kid that I did not know if we were going to have in "regular" school to a kid that was the top reader in his kindergarten class. Early therapy was my savior. We still have tantrums and work to do but I have therapists and resources to use.

I noticed many similar signs in my older son but something is still a bit different. He at 8 was diagnosed with Aspergers. There are a lot of similarities. Somethings work for both some don't.

It is exhausting being a single mom with an ex that doesn't believe in any of this. But the kids will make it !

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Sep 22, 2009
3 years of frastratio of not knowing what was wrong
by: Anonymous

thank you to the people on this page and that of ot's, my son has had so many tests done without coming up wit anything all i was getting told was he had a developmental blip, after years of seeing my child fall dangerously being excessively clumsy, and doing other things that are in conjunction with spd, i came across this page.

I read the page and things started to make sense so with all your help i think now i have the answers that i have been searching for and my 4 year old will get the help and attention he needs. Thank you all so much.

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