Explaining SPD to a "sensory seeker"

(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi there. I just read your newsletter post from September 2006, about explaining SPD to your child. It was really helpful. My son (6 years) has recently been diagnosed as a "seeker". I'd really like to explain his form of SPD to him as positively as you suggest, but am unsure of how to describe his seeking tendencies (particularly in the auditory, proprioceptive and vestibular senses) in such a positive light. I'm doing lots of reading and research. I am a clinical psychologist and understand the importance of nurturing self esteem around this issue (perhaps a little too well in that it worries me terribly!). We have started working with an OT and I am hopeful about the process. Any suggestions on how to explain this to him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Jun 22, 2012
explaining spd
by: marjory glasgow scotland

Hi, my son is now 8yrs old, we told him from the start, everything, pointing out the great hearing, like superman, oversensitive hearing. I do get what you mean about explaining. Some times he just doesnt want to know.
He accepts he is different and some things are more difficult for him to do. He quite likes being different, hey if we where all the same it be boering.

A 6yr old is very aware of their difficulties in my opinion, he will know, explaining in very simple terms, like the wiring isnt made properly.
my son was relieved that their was an explanation for this and it wasnt that he just couldnt do whatever it was. Also let him know that O.T. and excesice does help, you wont believe how much.
I wish you both well and remember you are his mother and no one knows a child better. xx

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