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I really started learning about SPD trying to find answers to why my toddler was having problems... the more I read the more I realized... this disorder explained a lot of my 'quirks' I had as a child/teenager/adult...

When I was younger I used to 'swim' in the huge sandbox at school-- literally like I was in the water-- from one end to the other- it relaxed me... I also LOVED hanging upside down from the monkey bars... but wasn't coordinated and strong enough to cross them... I was clumsy and awkward (still am) but was able to be a dancer??? Just don't ask me to walk across the floor w/out falling!!!

I HATE the feel of lace and refuse to wear it now even in my late 30's. I'm super sensitive to certain smells-- things I'm 'allergic' to make me nauseated to smell-- seafood, chinese food, etc... I get physically ill.

When I was young I chewed my hair and shirts so much my mom kept my hair cut SHORT and cut all the strings off my shirts-- you should see my pens now!!!

Can't sit still-- move my legs constantly or rock-- don't finish projects

SO many more I could list... but don't want to bore everyone :)

Was diagnosed as being bi-polar b/c of my risk taking and excessive energy... oh and ADHD too-- as an adult...

I've learned to control some of my 'issues' but when I'm stressed, sick or upset I'm a big SPD mess... however the good thing is its helped me understand my son better-- I know he can't control his actions sometimes and we work to avoid triggers-- just like his mommy has to do for herself...

GLAD to know that my brother (we won't get started on his SPD issues) and I are NOT alone in this!!!

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