Extreme Dislike of Seatbelts

by Elizabeth
(Austin Texas)

Has anyone found a solution to their child's seat belt issues? My daughter (7) screams when using one. Therapists, OT, brushing, soft this or that, distractions while in the car have not figured this out.

She wants to join the Amish and never wear a seat belt. She has been this way from birth. Seems this might be something more than just sensory.

Any ideas?

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Jul 12, 2021
Spd & seat belt
by: Anonymous

Our three year old daughter is the same way she is very good seat belt and no matter what we've tried it's never helped and she screams and thrashes tries desperately to get the seatbelt off and it's a huge meltdown for her.

We've tried to seat belt covers we've tried blankets we've tried towels we've tried to teddy bears we've tried it all it seems and nothing helps , we're desperate have tried finding out what we could possibly use and I think it's coming down to the point of learning what my daughter needs and having to create it for her.

Jun 10, 2017
In the same boat..
by: Tera

I am googling seatbelts and sensory issues and came across your question. Mine is 11 and it is still a constant battle. She want to move to Idaho where seatbelts are not mandatory. I feel your pain.

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