Eye contact

My son is 5 years old and has SPD. I recently saw a post on Autism that kids with Autism have a hard time making eye contact,for various reasons and I was wondering if that can also be the case with SPD kids? My son was told he needed to say sorry to his teacher this morning for hitting her yesterday and didn't want to look at her or say sorry. Personally, I think this can be typical of a 5 year old, but am still asking, because if there is something I can do to help the process that I don't know about, I would like to know to be able to help/understand. Thank you.

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Mar 03, 2015
Eye Contact
by: Anonymous

Hi! My son is 13 & still has trouble making eye contact, & holding it. He has SPD, but no other diagnoses. We tell his teachers that although he may not make eye contact, he is still listening & paying attention. I think it may be a combination of too much stimulation, possible distractions keeping them from keeping eye contact, & its also difficult because eye contact can make you feel vulnerable (even for me as well), and they already feel vulnerable & unsure. Maybe you can have him practice with you, taking steps to make moments of eye contact longer, & then practice with someone else he is comfortable with... We did this to teach our son to shake hands with people he did not know (his hands are very sensitive & he doesn't like the way it feels, but he can do it now).

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