Eye problems

by Krissy

My daughter has had some eye problems, when she gets tired she loses control of her eyes the left one i much worse they roll around in her head and also when the sun hits them. she often complains of pain in her eyes. She does have quite a few symptoms on the list. Has anyone elses child suffered from anything like this? She just turned three and she cant really tell me if her vision is blurry or if she sees double. She has been tested for seizers with two EEGs and has had a CT scan and an MRI and ophthalmologist and a neuro ophthalmologist and everything comes back normal. Would really appreciate any in site

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Mar 01, 2012
My daughter has the same issue
by: Jen

The teachers at my daughters school kept telling me the reason my daughter couldn't read was because she wouldn't do her home work.. But she has done her homework and reading ever since kindergarten(5 years old) After I pushed for them to look further, they put her in the schools occupational therapy, (7 years old) there the occupational therapist Teacher found her eyes can not converge (dont cross) but instead go back to looking forward (which is def. Not normal) especially her left side..this causes reading problems, causes headaches, poor coordination and gross motor control. Now we do daily eye exercises and she will also be going to a real occupational therapist to see if it is related to si dysfunction..why did it take two years to find this out? Well with her being diagnosed as ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder they passed it off as bad behavior!!!!!! Now she is behind in everything because they assumed it was behavioral!!! I really want to urge you to look deeper!! Keep pushing to get your daughter checked by
other professionals! you know your child better than any one
else! Make sure you do what's best for her now and in the
long run it will pay off.. I know from experience!

Sep 26, 2009
UK practice which addresses VPD
by: Anonymous

look at www.jordanseyes.com for info

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