Falling into the cracks

by Shannon

How do people get treatment for this? My daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. She is 8.

She does very well academically, and when we tried to get OT through the school we were told that it doesn't impact her ENOUGH for special education services. She does have accommodations that allow her to use a chew necklace, to take breaks to move, and a wiggle stool. She is the smallest in her class, but well liked by the other kids to the point that they tend to do the things she struggles with- like buttoning and zipping for her. I don't like it, but she thinks its great. The school did allow her to participate in an informal OT group for a while, but that ended.

We tried to get medical OT outside of school, but our insurance would not pay for it because she was "too old" for them to pay for treatment for a developmental delay. We are working with our pediatrician and OT office to see if they will allow it under something other than SPD. I just feel very frustrated that we are trying to help her to stop this from becoming a larger issue. She has already been diagnosed with Anxiety and has panic attacks. I worry about what happens when school becomes more challenging, and her social world becomes more complicated.

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