Fed up with CAMHS


My son (8) has never exactly been easy. After months of being passed from pillar to post with CAMHS they have diagnosed him as having ADHD, made me watch a video on 1,2,3 Magic, offered me parent classes and my son medication. The school do not agree it's ADHD, they think he is on the autism spectrum. I read up on ADHD and autism and neither seemed to fit. An OT friend of mine suggested I read 'The out of sync child' which was a revelation and has really helped me to understand my son's behavior. Am now waiting for an OT assessment - been told ominously we are on 'the list' but have no indication how long said list is. Feel both CAMHS and the school want to place him in a neat little box with a label and I often feel like a lone voice. I worry about the effect on his self esteem and what will happen to him in the future.

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