Feeling off balance

by Kim Amabile
(Richmond, VA 23235)

I am a 53 year old female and I have been struggling for some time with feeling "off balance" and feeling like I am moving. If I put my hand on the back of my head and steady my head then the "movement" slows down. Driving and walking can be so difficult at times. Driving over bridges is almost impossible because it causes feelings of panic and I have had panic attacks while driving over bridges, so I avoid them. I have been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder and have been on anti-depressants and tranquilizers for many years.

It is very frustrating to explain how I feel to my doctor and then to be sent to an ENT only to be told that everything looks ok,....or to be told that it is all anxiety and to increase my medications.

I have always known that there is some "vestibular disorder" but it wasn't until a friend of mine told me about Proprioception when she deals with children with Sensory Integration Disorders and she said that my symptoms sound like the same thing.

I just was recently diagnosed with Connective Tissue Disease and they want to treat me with prednisone.....don't like being on it. I am at a loss as to what kind of doctor can diagnose and treat this sort of problem. I constantly feel like I am moving in space, even when sitting still. And yes, I am a little depressed and very anxious about it.

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