Female Age 58 I Always Wondered Why Can't I Do This or That

by Michele B
(Northeastern PA)

I have to say I learned recently about SPD, I casually asked my therapist if she ever heard of someone with a reading problem substituting one word in a sentence.

I explained that I may read an article in a newspaper or on a billboard and see a word that I knew did not make sense and would continue to focus until the correct word did appear.

She told me that it sounded as if I had SPD and from there I told her of other problems that I have lived with.

Here is a list of other issues I would face:

I cannot take notes/minutes for a meeting, my memory could not hold all the information as I wrote.

I also have a hard time writing a phone message if it is very lengthy.

I also have a problem with any kind of noise be it gum chewing or eating from a bag of snacks, it would drive me out of my mind.

I also cannot concentrate if there is loud background noise unless it is soft, anything loud will drive me up the wall.

I have a hard time hearing what is said if the information is new to me and the speaker is a fast talker. I will actually have to wait until the my mind catches up to what I hear, making me appear slow or dopey.

I have always thought there was something wrong with the way I listened, thinking I was not paying attention closely.

I am glad I found this site it makes me more aware of how many others are dealing with my same issues, I know now it is not just in my head.

I have to add something that I am not sure anyone has experienced but the SPD is worse when I am on meds for depression, I am not sure why this is so....

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May 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Its sounds like you could have ADD?
I have that and I have problems like yours as well. Except fot the word substitution thing.
I scramble my letters and always have to back and switch at least one word around, almost every sentence...
And forget about reading directions, OMG...all Chinese to me!! LOL
Good luck!!! Kim

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