Fibromyalga and SPD??

by Jody

I have had Fibromyalga for 16 yrs. About a year ago I read some new research regarding sensory problems with fibromites. Fibro has quite a few what's called by the medical community as hand in hand illnesses/diseases/syndromes, such as most fibromites have IBS, CFS, chronic insomnia, I could go on and on. A recent list of fibro symptoms was released with 251 symptoms, including many of the hand in hand issues. So as I read the adult SPD checklist, I saw myself in too many of them too count. I'm wondering 2 things now, first - fibro is a disease of overactive nerves and since everything the body does is controlled by nerves, does this account for the large amount of SPD symptoms I read that I feel relate to me? Or second - is SPD another hand in hand issue with fibro? On the SPD list, all the pain related symptoms apply to me (I have pain like most people could never imagine!!),

Many of the touch symptoms, especially the ones related to light touch, light touch feels like fire on my skin. I'm very picky about clothing, it must be very soft on my upper body and I prefer it on my lower body too but I can wear jeans when I have too but, they come off as soon as I walk in the door as do bras, can't stand them, I can't wear even the ones I've had professionally fitted and paid a mint for. The only

bra I can tolerate is soft sports bras and as I mentioned earlier, even those have to come off as soon as I walk in the door. Any bra feels so tight it's like they could cut me in half. When I'm home, I prefer to wear shortie pjs (shorts and a tank top) made of a very soft fabric and year round. I'm also a hermit!!!! Even tho I am married and most nights we sleep in the same bed, I'm not a snuggler and the bedroom is setup as my hermit cave, everything I could possibly need is within reach of my spot on the bed. So am I just a crazy almost old (actually tomorrow is my birthday, 54) lady with fibro and SPD symptoms or the same crazy almost old lady with fibro and hand in hand SPD?? Any other fibromites out there??

And to think I was referred to this site for information on my grandson's fiancee's son, who is in the testing stage at our local mental health center that has a special section for autistic/SPD children and I wanted to know more on how to relate to this almost 5 yr old who is going to become my great-grandson, and instead got caught up in reading the adult list and thinking of me. I am going to read everything about children too because I do want to relate to my almost new great-grandson as we are a close family. And all the information here is wonderful!!

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