Finally! A name for it!

I have always had problems with textures and never really had a "reason" or name for it. As a small child, I hated to put lotion on my hands (I still do to this day). My hands would crack and bleed from winter dryness. I put on the absolute minimum lotion only because of threats from my mother of sending me to school in gloves for the whole day. I just hated the feeling of a thick gooey lotion on my body. My hands especially are constantly dry as is the rest of my body.

I like the taste of certain foods but will not eat them because of the texture. As a high school student, I was in a presentation done by a fruit cake salesman who wanted our band to sell them as a fundraiser. He asked each of us if we liked fruit cake and why. I told him I didn't like it because of the "feel". My husband (a physician) finally told me several years ago that it appears to be a problem with the texture of things that bothers me. I like cherry taste, not cherries. I like strawberry taste but the actual strawberries texture that makes me crazy. I prefer the soothing feeling and taste of cheese or the crunch of chips, but not crunchy feeling of vegetables. The list goes on and on.

Other oddities include hating to be dirty, even when working in the yard. I hate the feeling of tags in my clothing and often cut them out. I often see tags sticking out of the neck of a student in my class and have to tuck it in (after asking permission of course). I don't know if that is OCD or SPD.

Family and friends have always called me a picky eater or say I have OCD. I may but now know there is a name for it.

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Apr 24, 2013
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

I have the same thing! Especially with fruits and veggies and I can't stand sticky stuff. Watermelon makes me want to shed my skin. I have OCD most definitely but this explains an awful lot of "weirdness" on my part. Thanks!

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